Our vision is to bring exceptional primary health care to all human beings within a health care environment that values integrity, confidentiality, compassion, accountability, respect and excellence.
What ultimately became The Blanche Kahn Family Health Center began in 2001 as a small center dedicated providing medical and rehabilitative care to people with developmental disabilities. As time passed and the 'Center' grew into a recognized and respected medical facility in the heart of Brooklyn, it has expanded to include more services and to service more individuals. Today, the Center has taken the high quality care we have become accustomed to providing and have expanded it to now serve the general community.

Our physicians, nurses and therapists developed a unique set of clinical skills while caring for people with disabilities that they were able to incorporate into the care they gave to the general public. They are experts in their fields with finely honed skills and bedside manner.

Today the Blanche Kahn Family Health Center is here to offer you an array of comprehensive medical service in a single, central, and easily accessible location.