December 2016

Healthy Highlights Newsletter!

Getting to Know Speech Therapy at the BKMC
BKMC Speech Therapists:
Anna Khenkin, Elina Gorodetsky, Michelle Fireworker and Ronit Finkelstein

Why would I refer a family member or a person for whom I care to speech therapy? What happens in therapy?
The Speech Therapy team at the Blanche Kahn Medical Center provides evaluations and treatment of a variety of speech and language disorders in adults with intellectual & developmental disabilities, stemming from neurological, genetic, or developmental disorders. Through their compassionate care and extraordinary clinical technique, the Speech Language Pathologists at BKMC provide tailored treatments to address expressive language disorders, receptive language disorders, cognitive impairments, motor-speech disorders, and pragmatic skills deficits, among others. Their long term goal is to improve their clients' quality of lives by strengthening their skills for improved communication and self-care outside the therapy room.
In the News
Israel Is Changing Medicine Forever
Adapted from an article by Shai Atanelov
Israeli ingenuity is responsible for some of the world's most amazing medical advances. Inventions are changing the face of healthcare in hospitals, doctors' offices, homes and even battlefields worldwide. Israel is in the top five countries in human infrastructure and entrepreneurship, first in the world for medical device patents per capita, and second in Europe for bio-pharma.

2015 has been a remarkable year for Israel when it comes to innovation in health and medicine.

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New Years Resolutions
Its been a great year here at the Blanche Kahn Medical Center and we are looking forward to yet another wonderful year ahead. We will strive to make this upcoming year even better by expanding on the variety of quality services we are already providing. Stay tuned for updates!